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HolaHelloAmigoViajeBienvenidoGraciasPor favorBuenos díasBuenas nochesComidaBebidaBañoAyudaHospitalPolicíaPerdidoEncontradoHotelAeropuertoEstaciónTaxiAutobúsTrenMetroMuseoBancoRestauranteSupermercadoPlayaPiscinaMarMontañaCampoCiudadPuebloIslaDesiertoBosqueRíoLagoOcéanoCascada

Instant access: No need to install any apps

+ Real-life examples: Speak early and often

+ Phrases: Works in key interactions

+ Save money: No recurring fees

+ Boost confidence: Learn at your own pace

+ 24/7: Access anytime, anywhere

+ Beginner friendly: Designed for ease of use

= A better travel experience with less stress

Recent review

"I really needed this, I'm going to Mexico in two weeks and I don't know any Spanish at all!"

Hayden Gates - Traveller

All the phrases you need to know

Knowing Spanish phrases is an easy way to make new friends, have small talk, and travel with confidence.

Get important phrases in one location

Practice the most useful phrases and go use them in real life with ease.

Phrases for General Conversations

Greetings, conversations, dining, accommodation, travel, money, health, emergency, assistance, shopping, numbers, ice breakers and countries.

A spreadsheet, not a book

Buy and unlock the spreadsheet to use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Spreadsheet Overview

Lists each chapter of relevant phrases with ease

✅ greetings ✅ conversations ✅ dining ✅ accommodation ✅ travel ✅ money ✅ health ✅ emergency ✅ assistance ✅ shopping ✅ numbers ✅ ice breakers ✅ countries

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with my purchase?

A spreadsheet containing 500 useful Spanish phrases and words for new learners and travellers to a Spanish speaking country. Each phrase has an English translation and shows you how to pronounce it phonetically. You will also have free access to any updated or new phrases with lifetime access.

Also, you will have access to two bonus flashcard resources to help you practice the phrases. You will need to download Anki, and import them into the app. A file is included in the download after purchase, don't panic, it's easy!

Who is this for?

If you have a trip to a Spanish-speaking country coming up and you want to learn some basic phrases, this resource is for you or if you are a beginner learning Spanish, this is for you. If you are an intermediate Spanish speaker, this is not for you.

Will this help me learn Spanish?

Absolutely! This is a great resource for beginners to learn some basic phrases. It is not a comprehensive course, but it is a great start that's prepared in a spreadsheet or flashcard format for you so you don't have to do it yourself.

Why do you need my email?

By entering your email address you are NOT signing up for a marketing newsletter.

Your email is your unique login giving you access to the spreadsheet after purchase and in the future. If a year from now you want to download the latest spreadsheet, login using your email.

How should I this?

I recommend three options:

1) Download it and use it offline anywhere on your phone.

2) Use it on your computer.

3) Use Anki flashcards to memorize the phrases.

Extra) Go old fashioned, print it out and carry it with you.

How do I memorize the phrases?

I recommend using them with the appropriate situation in mind. For example, if you're seeing a Spanish friend, look at the Greetings section. This way you can memorize them in context and they will be more useful to actively recall.

Language learning is different for everyone. Perhaps you prefer the spreadsheet or using the Anki cards to help learn them, it's up to you how to use the resources.

This has a lot of starter phrases, so you can begin with the basics and level up your vocabulary and test it with locals, friends and family without being afraid to speak.

How does this save me time?

Instead of spending hours translating and compiling phrases, you can download this spreadsheet and get started learning right away. It's a time saver for you, so you can focus on learning and practicing the phrases instead of copying and pasting blog posts, Google Translate or books.

What if I find an error?

If despite my best efforts, there's a mistake, please send me a message on X or email, and I will fix it as soon as I can. Feedback is appreciated.

Why did you make this spreadsheet?

I made this because I wanted to know a tiny bit of Spanish before I went travelling. I found it incredibly helpful to memorize phrases rather than read those heavy translation books focused on complex grammar. I prefer using vocabulary to get me started.

I made my spreadsheet into a full product because it will save time translating and compiling things for others.

Who made these?

I did! Joe Hammond. I make useful products for people, find me on X (Twitter).

Will I become fluent in Spanish?

This is a starter pack of phrases for beginners and people travelling to Spanish speaking countries, so no, this one resource won't make you fluent in Spanish. I'm not a language teacher nor fluent in Spanish, I'm one person who wanted to learn some phrases as well, which I made into a full product.

Will there be updates?

Yes, there will be updates! :) If you've already bought it, don't panic you will be sent all future updates totally for free.

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